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Ground Force

prince edwards

What a difference a decade makes. 10-years-ago work began on The Prince Edward Playing Fields project, a derelict 44-acre site that had fallen into decline and disrepair.

Seemingly, the perfect marriage was arranged. Wealdstone FC, homeless for the previous decade and seeking a move back to the London Borough of Harrow to end their nomadic existence, came up with a flawless solution that would finally relocate the club back to where it geographically belongs.  Arguably more impressive was that the proposed £7.3 million project would one-day serve rich purpose amongst the wider community by boasting an array of state-of-the-art leisure facilities.  On paper this was perfect.

But reality painted a different picture. In 2004 Wealdstone’s business partners, Stadia Management went into liquidation and the project effectively collapsed, Harrow Council put the work up for tender and Barnet, seeking a move away from Underhill, sneaked in.

10-years on, history forgotten (particularly by Harrow Council who have short-memories), Barnet FC are just weeks away from opening the stadium, now named ‘The Hive’ in a lucrative game against Premier League opposition.

Of course one of the biggest footballing crimes has been committed here and not least because a club from another Borough is moving in.  That said, The ‘Prince Edward Playing Fields’ project boasts one of the most impressive grounds in non-league football – it’s just a shame that the wrong club is playing there.